Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think if you only try !

- Dr. Seuss

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I am of the mindset that new year's resolutions are fun to think about and ponder, but that they should not happen only once a year.  I have always preferred to come up with ideas about things I want to learn about, improvements I want to make, changes I want to make, or creative thoughts on a a constant basis.  I write all of these random words into a notebook so that I can let them find their way from paper to my head when the right time comes along.  Not everything is to be done RIGHT NOW!  I don't feel like doing some of them at certain times, but I find that writing them down allows me to keep them in my radar for that time when it is right.

Right now my list of ideas includes:  practice yoga regularly, learn about different species of birds, finish all those unscrapbooked years in my scrapbook, research vacations to Italy, New Zealand, Greece, Costa Rica...., walk every day, drink lots and lot of water every day, take my multivitamin every day, write down all of the books I read this year, teach my dog to shake hands, snowshoe (me, not the dog), add a couple new clients to my consulting practice, write a lot of pages in my memoirs, be more patient.....

Every day I add more things to my list as I read newspaper articles, drive around on errands, listen to the radio, interact with people.  Life is interesting.  Every day brings more opportunity to learn, listen, and experience.

Part of my pondering the last few days has been what to tackle first.  What is most important to me right now?  I'm really not sure, but soon the opportunity will present itself to me.  They always do. In the meantime, I am drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins, and walking.

Happy New Year's!

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