Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think if you only try !

- Dr. Seuss

Monday, October 24, 2011

Everything going right right now

After a few weeks of tragedy, sadness and stress in my life I knew that things would have to start looking up soon.  It started with little baby steps...tiny moments of optimism...such as visiting my neighbor's beagle puppies last week.  At three weeks old, they exude innocence and pure love.  You simply can't be sad when holding a puppy and snuggling it's little black nose in your neck.   That was step one.  It made me smile.

Then came my day in Denver on Saturday with Alicia and Colton.  Alicia was truly excited to see me, which is a miracle in itself considering some of the moments of the last few years when she wished I would leave her alone.  We had an amazing day full of campus strolling, college kid meeting, sorority house viewing, Indian food eating, lacrosse and hockey spectating, and a parade!  Colton had a sip of my beer at the hockey game and proclaimed how much he now likes hockey and that Molson Canadian beer wasn't too bad.   Colton and I rocked out all the way home to a medley of tunes of his selection and my toleration.  Although the low fuel light came on, we made it as far as the gas station, averting a disastrous end to the night.  Walking the last five miles home at midnight, while certainly an adventure, would not have been my choice.  

Sunday I was glad to welcome Rachel home to do her laundry, and I now have an adult child to go to dinner with who can order an alcoholic beverage while I have my glass of wine.  She got asked for ID, I didn't.  I guess I'm starting to look my age way too much.   The waiter could have really made my day and just pretended to check mine, but he wasn't fooled by my youthful appearance evidently.  After dinner, Rachel and I walked across the street to see our neighbors and those adorable beagles of joy.  Rachel needed the puppy fix this time, and the puppies never fail to deliver on providing happiness.  They did, however, enjoy chewing on my flip-flops. Upon arrival back at our house, our four dogs (including Shinook) mauled us with smelling noses.  I'm not sure what information they pick up from this interrogation, but maybe they learned something about the puppies we visited. 

Today it is supposed to be 80 degrees.  A gorgeous October day in Colorado.  I think the rest of the day I will work at cleaning out my garden in advance of the snowstorm that is threatening to steal these last days of Indian summer from us.  We live in the Rockies after all.  Today 80 degrees, two days from now, 6 inches of snow and 34 degrees for the high.

Bill gets home from hunting today or at least that's what I think.  He always tries to surprise me, but with Kyle posting his facebook status for all to see, I know that they are coming back as I type this.  No elk again this year but that's good with me.  It will just be nice to have my husband back.  

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